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for the A2 Konin - Łódź and A4 Wrocław - Gliwice motorways

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Ticket return

From 1 December 2021, new rules for calculating the toll apply on the sections of the A2 (Konin - Stryków) and A4 (Bielany Wrocławskie - Sośnica) motorways managed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA), due to changes in traffic organization . Drivers of passenger cars and motorbikes (vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of less than 3.5 t) must purchase an electronic motorway ticket in the e-TOLL system when travelling on toll motorway sections. Motorway tickets can be purchased in the mPay application or using the mPay purchase form.

Online motorway ticket

You can buy an e-TOLL motorway ticket via the mPay application or using this form.

How to buy a motorway ticket online?

You do not need to register in the mPay system to use the above form. All you have to do is select the motorway section on which you plan your trip and fill in the necessary information:

  1. the date and time of the beginning of the ticket validity period
  2. the place of entry and place of exit from the motorway
  3. country of the vehicle registration
  4. vehicle registration number
  5. vehicle category
  6. E-mail address
You will receive a confirmation of the ticket purchase to the e-mail address provided in the form.

E-Toll system for passenger cars

Using the mPay purchase form, you can buy an e-TOLL ticket for passenger vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons and motorcycles.

Benefits of purchasing a motorway ticket in the mPay purchase form

Buying a motorway ticket online is a simple, fast and convenient way to pay tolls for motorways in the e-TOLL system. Payments made using the form save time, thanks to the lack of the need to look for stationary ticket sales points and thus guarantee a stress-free journey.

Motorway ticket return

The e-TOLL motorway ticket can be returned before its expiry date. To return a ticket, go to the "Ticket return" tab and enter the necessary data:

  1. ticket signature
  2. registration no.
The ticket will be cancelled and the funds refunded in the same way as the payment was made.

Penalty for entering incorrect data in the form

The driver who provided incorrect data on the vehicle category may be fined by the Chief Inspector of Road Transport or by the Customs and Tax Service officers who discover such irregularities during the inspection.

The cost of travelling on the motorway in the e-TOLL system

The official price list of e-TOLL motorways is available at: https://etoll.gov.pl/lekkie/e-bilet-autostradowy/stawki/

Is the travel within the ring road free?

On the A4 Wrocław - Sośnica motorway section, the Gliwice bypass (Kleszczów - Żernica) is free of charge. Light vehicle drivers are not required to pay the toll.

Download the mPay app and have your ticket always at hand!

The mobile application is available for download at: https://app.mpay.pl/

Detailed information on motorway travel with mPay can be found at https://autostrady.mpay.pl/